fredag den 20. marts 2009

Dear Naf (and Stina)

Love is (among other things) about taking chances. 
I am so thankfull that you are willing to take this chance with my sweet Stina.
I have seen the beautiful smile you bring on her face.
It tells it all.

Its a mouthfull moving to another country, but when you feel safe in your heart, you will feel safe everywhere.
I hope you will enjoy our beautiful cosy country surrounded by ocean.
You already know the (loooooooong) way to Låsby, and our (very small) home is always open for you both. 

Have a nice trip to Denmark! We look forward to get to know you a whole lot better!!!

I wish the two of you all happiness in the world.

Ps. Erna Marie says "gryyyy gryyy mmmuuuiiiii ggggggggyyyyyyiiiiiii"

2 kommentarer:

Catherine sagde ...

Tusind tak for your kind words Vita, and you should see the smile on MY face! I look forward to my second visit to Låsby, I'm sure I remember the way a bit better than my beautiful yet easily lost kæreste xx

Vita sagde ...

Happy happy happy! :-D